Why Not Give It a Try?

How else will you know if a pin is a success or crap?

Cookie Bowls

The Pin:

The Verdict: Crap

Doesn’t that look fun? I instantly decided that I needed to make these! The super bowl was coming and I thought it’d be the perfect dessert for our mini Superbowl party with my then boyfriend and his family. I made the recipe exactly as it specified, prepared a muffin tin as described and put it in the oven. The timer went off and I opened the oven… and smoke came out! The cookies had overflowed over the pan, and there were pieces burning at the bottom of the oven. Before I could even tell Bryce that it hadn’t worked, the fire alarm went off. With hot pads swatting the air to dissipate the smoke, we quickly took out the cookie bowls. I let it set for a bit, but not too long, and it all just crumbled. What a fail! Luckily, I still had a ton of dough, and I made cookies the normal way.

A few weeks and an hour or two of research later, I tried again. I changed the recipe and still – the same results! Then, I found these fancy cookie bow tins at Shopko:

I bought one and prepared the recipe on the package. It didn’t even resemble cookie dough. It was so crumbly I couldn’t even form cookies. I refrigerated it  and had the same problem. I added more butter and it sort of looked like dough. I molded it around the tin and put it in the oven. However it still over flowed! This time the dough didn’t even taste good when I tried to make cookies. I was so annoyed!

So logically, what did I do? I went out and bought another pan! My thinking was that if I put dough on one pan, and then another pan on top of that, it’d have to keep it’s shape better. But alas, I was wrong. Lucky for me, I have Bryce who is an engineer. He stepped in and suggested molding the dough differently, that didn’t work. He also suggested greasing (and when that failed, not greasing) the pan differently. He reminded me that from the beginning he didn’t think these would work, gave up, and suggested I do the same.

I have since promised to stop trying for a while, though my new plan is to line the pan with foil and try a different recipe. I’ve yet to do this though… but maybe someday!

I see pins for cookie bowls all the time and every time wonder if anyone has succeeded. I mean, clearly people have since there are photos of it. I’ve even read blogs of people getting it to work. However, everyone I ask “have you made that cookie bowl you pinned” just laughs and says “no, I don’t make most of the stuff I pin.”


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