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How else will you know if a pin is a success or crap?

Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

The Pin:  

(Click image to follow the pin to the recipe)

The Verdict: Mostly a Success (Updated – SUCCESS!)

I absolutely love enchiladas! So naturally, when I saw this recipe and read that it was her husband’s “all time favorite meal” I had to try it! Cooking it was pretty easy. I think shredding chicken is a pain in the butt, but other than that it was pretty simple.

The enchiladas were tasty. In my opinion, they lacked a little flavor. I think next time I might add some salsa verde… or maybe just more enchilada sauce… or maybe spicier enchilada sauce… the options are endless. My husband who doesn’t love spice, thought they were perfect and delicious! So, take that as you will.

Update: I made this again, at my husband’s request, but this time I added more enchilada sauce (I used Safeway brand) and also a little extra chili powder. They were wonderful! At the end of the meal my husband said, “This is definitely my favorite meal you make.” Well, I suppose this one goes down as a winner after all! 🙂


One comment on “Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

  1. Uncharted
    September 18, 2012

    So funny, I just made this recipe last week. The leftovers got put in the fridge and later in the week my roomie questioned me: How the heck did you get a sweet taste in enchiladas? When I told her: honey she was amazed!

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