Why Not Give It a Try?

How else will you know if a pin is a success or crap?

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

The Pin: (Click image to follow pin to recipe.)

The Verdict: A Success! So good!

Ok, I love sweet potatoes. I also love brown sugar. So, since the two go together so often, I’m pretty excited about that!

I was feeling lazy (and hungry) and I chose to microwave the sweet potatoes. The time said 13 minutes. I think that whole thing was a bad idea. I should have baked them. Or microwaved them for longer… The whole potato came out shrivled. The insides were soft though.

I mixed the insides with the brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. Then the streusel topping was mixed and sprinkled on top. I baked them again.

When they came out the topping wasn’t as melted as I expected, but the skins were quite crispy. Unfortunately, the skin was too tough in parts to really enjoy. However, the inside was DELICIOUS. I loved the mashed texture of the sweet potato along with the streusel’s crispiness.

I will definitely make this again, but I will not microwave the potato.

My twice baked sweet potato:



FYI – I made these again and baked them instead of microwaving them. I also made a little less of the streusel just to cut out some of the sugar… they were amazing. Still one of my favorite ways to eat yams!


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