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How else will you know if a pin is a success or crap?

Salted Carmel Pretzel Bark

The Pin: (Click image to follow pin to recipe.)

The Verdict: A Success!

This is one of the most re-pinned pins I’ve posted in a while. Apparently a lot of people are excited about the idea of salted carmel pretzel bark – just like I was!

This was easy to make. Lay out some pretzels, make carmel, pour on top of pretzels, melt chocolate on top, sprinkle with sea salt, then freeze. It was quick and easy.

The best part though – definitely the taste. It is so good! It’s probably one of the best things I’ve made off Pinterest yet. The salted carmel flavor combined with chocolate is heavenly… and then the pretzel pieces add a nice crunchy texture amid the carmel. It’s so good that I keep finding myself walking over to it and snacking on it. It’s definitely addicting!

I will be making this again, and recommend it for anyone who likes salted carmel and chocolate!



One comment on “Salted Carmel Pretzel Bark

  1. What's That Sally?
    November 4, 2012

    Wow, those look AMAZING! XoXo- Sally

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