Why Not Give It a Try?

How else will you know if a pin is a success or crap?

Christmas Wreath

The Pin: (Click image to follow pin to original blog.)

Verdict: I think it was a success – but I’ll let you decide.

I’ve been wanting to make more Christmas decorations for our house, so with that in mind I set out on Pinterest. This pin was in the DIY section, and obviously isn’t a Christmas wreath… but it inspired me. I love fabric flowers and grapevine wreaths, so I love this! The only thing I needed to do was turn transform it a little to make it Christmasy.

I bought a grapevine wreath and some red and green fabric at Hobby Lobby. Then I bought a battery operated strand of lights at Michaels. None of it was very expensive. I came home, turned on Netflix, and got to twisting and gluing fabric flowers. The flowers take a little while to make, but once they were made everything was super simple. I poked the lights through openings in the vines and then hot glued the flowers on. That’s it! Now I have a festive Christmas wreath!

My finished product:


UPDATE: I made the wreath yesterday and was sooo happy with the way it turned out. However, today I kept looking at it and feeling like something was missing. I had some lace left over from my wedding, so I decided to add a bow and some lace leaves. Here is the new finished product:


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