Why Not Give It a Try?

How else will you know if a pin is a success or crap?

Wine Cork Board

For years I’ve wanted to make a wine cork board, so I can’t say this idea was really inspired by a pin on Pinterest. However, there are some great pins about how to make a wine cork board out there. I’ve seen them in my DIY searching and they’ve definitely helped keep me motivated to create my board.

Some examples: (Click the images to follow this pins to their original pages)

boston_wedding_photographer_0092$!400x IMG_9435

I wanted a pretty good sized board, so my first step, and definitely not the hardest step, was to drink a lot of wine. I had some help, other friends and family members shared their corks with me, and I worked hard to stock pile my corks. I was pretty picky about the corks I used, I didn’t want too many of the same kind. I also wanted them all to be actual cork. You can see in one of the pictures above that some of the corks are those fake, plasticy corks. I didn’t really want to use those.

Once I had a nice accumulation I ordered a picture frame off of amazon. I chose a 16 x 24 inch frame in “weathered green” from Craig Frames. It was 24.99 and came quickly and in nice shape.

Next, I enlisted my husband to help me cut the corks in half. I chose to cut them in half so that I could cover more space with fewer corks. I also chose to keep the corks with their other halves so that I could adhere them to the board together. This part was time consuming and a bit scary at times. We chose to use an exacto knife… there may have been a better way. If you know of one, let me know!

It may be a little OCD of me, but I feel it really helped me… as I was preparing the corks I organized them by grouping the same brands together and set them out by size. I had separate rows across my table of corks for each size.

Then, once everything was set I used the cardboard backing on the frame and hot glued my corks in an alternating pattern. It was tricky at times to get the corks to fit perfectly, but having organized the corks really helped. That way I could pull out a small cork when I needed one, or a longer, thinner cork. Most corks are a very similar size, but even the tiniest difference in width made a difference when I was trying to fit it in.

Once I had all the corks in I decided I wanted to add some touches to my board. It was cute, but I just felt like it was missing something. So, I put some green burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby around it. Then I had some already made fabric flowers from when I made my fabric flower wreath, so I added three of those.


I hung my board up in my house above my wine rack and globe cork holder. I love how it fits with the wine theme and ties in the burlap background on the map hearts my good friends made me for my wedding shower. It’s probably my favorite corner in my house.



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