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DIY Map Board (with pins)





I love maps and I’ve always wanted to make one with pins of where I’ve been. I came across the one below on Pinterest, with a price tag of $149.00. Not going to happen.



My husband and I decided to make our own. We bought a map on Amazon for about $20. It was fun to pick out the exact map we wanted. There are so many choices on colors, maps with designs along the edges, different sizes, etc.

Unfortunately we didn’t really think about it and we bought a very large map. It was about 30 x 50 and we couldn’t find a store to sell a frame in that size. We checked into custom framing and it was going to be about $150 too, which wouldn’t save us any money.

So, instead of a frame we went to home depot and bought wall board for about $20. We had it cut so that there would be about a 2 inch boarder around the map.

We took it home and measured the boarder. Then we covered it with paper and tape and sprayed the rest of the frame with spray adhesive. The next part was a little tricky – we had to lay the map on the board completely flat and without wrinkles. It took a few tries, but the spray adhesive was forgiving, so it worked out well.

After a little drying time it was almost done! The next step was the most fun and the most challenging. We went through the map and placed pins where we had been. We decided to use green pins for places Bryce has been, blue for places I have been and yellow for places we’ve both been. We learned a few strategies along the way. For instance, we had work from the bottom up otherwise it was too hard to put them in. The board was also a little hard to put pins into, so we had to learn some hammering strategies for putting the pins in gently enough not to break them or rip the pins, but firm enough that the pins actually went into the board.

Here are some photos of how it turned out:


photo-16 photo-13


One comment on “DIY Map Board (with pins)

  1. TheGreatZambini
    March 21, 2013

    This is really cool, you`ve inspired me as well 🙂

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